Adoption Special at MCHS!

Guess what tomorrow is??

National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Fred is SO excited!

Our friends over at Love and a Six-foot Leash are doing something very special in honor of this important day!

Check out Little Zee’s Fabulous Four Adoption Special at MCHS!!

And just for fun, here’s another blog about National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Spread the love!

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Even Angels Have to Poop

We’re still here!! I have been seriously dragging my feet lately when it comes to writing, but I’m hoping that horrid phase has passed. After all, the world deserves their Fred and Angel updates!

Angel was technically adopted as of a few weeks ago. We came to terms with it (a.k.a. I cried at the drop of a hat) and prepared her for her forever home. Her adoption fell through, and even though I was sad, I secretly cherished the fact that we had more time with her.

I mean, she can’t just go live with anyone. The Humane Society may do background checks, but the ultimate test is getting past Alex’s sixth sense about people. This family was great, but not “the one.”

I know what will be, will be but I’m okay with it not “being” right now. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to say good-bye to the various looks we get from Angel on a daily basis.

Last night, I relished in the fact that it was raining and I wouldn’t have to take the dogs on a long walk. Yep, I said it. Sometimes you need a break! (Just don’t tell the dogs I said that.)

However, there could be nuclear weapons falling from the sky and Angel would want to be a part of it. I settled in to watch a recorded show, waiting for the dogs to fall onto the couch beside me and start snoring.

Fred complied, as he always does. He loves his exercise but not as much as his naps.

Angel was content with an antler for about 25 seconds. Then she started pacing. I distracted her with her favorite toy, the fire hose that we affectionately refer to as “the squeaker.” (It’s quite comical; we follow her around saying “Squeak squeak squeak!” just to see her tail wag a little harder.)

She was happy for another minute or so. Then she gave me a look.

She loves to stare! Fred will place his body on top of your body in order to get your attention (which always seems to work), but Angel will look at you until you give in to her demands.

(Don’t worry, he didn’t give her any chips.)

The pacing became more erratic, and I panicked. She must have to poop! Here she was, my darling Angel, trying to tell me that she needs to go out, and I was not picking up on her signs. I got them ready to go and opened the front door. It was raining, windy and cold. I could almost see Fred roll his eyes. I promised him it was a quick potty run and he would be safe and secure, snoring under his blanket, in no time.

Neither pooped. Neither even peed.

She just wanted to go outside. And I fell for it.

Fred and I arrived home dripping and cranky, while Angel quickly pranced around, looking for her squeaker.

Could YOU resist that face?!?

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The Nose Knows

Want to lose 10 pounds?

Get a pit bull!!

Need to lose 20 pounds?

Get two pit bulls!!

30 pounds?

Get three-well, you get the idea. (This is tricky anyway, since I only have two arms.)

Step 1: Adopt two/three/all the pit bulls from your local Humane Society shelter.

Step 2: Get them decked out in fabulous-collar-gear. Attempt to find matching leashes.

*Shout out to Sirius Republic for the fresh new gear!

Step 3: Purchase durable and efficient work out gear for yourself.


  • High quality running shoes that you don’t mind having covered with paw prints
  • High quality work-out clothes that you don’t mind having covered with dog hair
  • Hats/gloves for the cooler weather … may contain chew marks.

Step 4: After you and your doggies are complete in your ensembles, head out for a walk/jog.

Step 5: Dodge the doggies while they sniff everything they sniffed yesterday, hoping to find fun new smells. The nose knows where to find them!











Step 6: Try to convince your brain to cooperate with you while your right arm goes one way and your left arm goes the other.

Step 7: Find a way to hold both dogs’ leashes while cleaning up their poop.

Step 8: Give in and just start running. They are less distracted and after all, isn’t the point to utterly exhaust them so you can get some rest?

Step 9: Arrive home and collapse on the floor. (They probably will, too.) Marvel at all the muscles in your legs, back, abs, arms and shoulders that you didn’t even know were there!

Step 10: Find the only mirror in your house that isn’t smudged by doggie noses, and admire your new biceps!

Step 11: Kiss, hug and thank your puppies for being the best reason for exercise ever.

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One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Everyone knows my opinion about the stinky prejudices pit bulls face. But yesterday, while running with Fred and Angel, I started thinking about how special and unique each pit bull is, and how stereotyping them at all can be so misleading. Let’s take my two love bugs, for example …

Fred loves to snuggle under the covers.

He will paw at the blanket until he has kicked it completely under him, and then fight with it until a sympathetic human comes along to cover him. He starts his night at the foot of the bed, then gradually ends up either spooning me or snuggled into Alex’s armpit.

At first, Angel had no part of this. We tried to cover her with the blanket and she fiercely rebelled. She watched Fred for a while and gradually got more comfortable under covers. But she still thrashes her way out after just a few minutes.

After serious observation, I have concluded that Fred’s favorite time of the day is bed time. Angel’s favorite, hands down, is the daily run. She always gets excited to go outside, but she seems to sense the difference between potty walks and 45-minute-runs. She stands and watches me, impatiently whipping her tail into the wall (or anything else in the way).

Fred, on the other hand, has to be called 17 times to leave the comforts of “his” bed to accompany us outside.

Angel has become very good at waiting patiently for a treat or her meals. Fred acts as if he is headed to death row and this is his last feast.

My favorite difference between the two is the way they act while rolling on the floor. Pits are known for rolling around on the floor, pausing in the upside-down-pose, and looking up to beg for a belly rub. Fred loves to be on his back and pawing at the air. But inevitably, after just a few minutes, he begins to sneeze uncontrollably. Since I (of course) say “God bless you,” the whole thing is quite comical.

Angel is a pro at being upside down. She kicks at the air fiercely, continues to whip her tail (which, I’m convinced is laced with steel) and smiles up at us fondly. The smile of a pit bull can warm even the coldest heart.

Angel poses for pictures like an expert, too.

Fred waits until the second before you hit the button to change positions or trot away completely.

Fred has never shown an interest in tennis balls or certain toys. He prefers his antler.

Angel will drop everything she is doing when she sees a tennis ball or her favorite “fire hose” toy.

As soon as she chooses one to hunker down with, Fred will come and try to steal it. They are like children! We give each of them the exact toy and they still fight over one.

When Fred gives kisses, he enthusiastically bathes you, coating you in the fine film of “Fred love.” Angel was very hesitant to give kisses when we first brought her home. It made us sad to think of the reasons why. Now, even though she has come a long way, she still gives quick, short little licks.

I wish I could make the world see that a pit bull is not just one thing. They aren’t natural killers, or vicious with each other, or dangerous for small children. If must stereotype them, label them all “snugglers.” But as you can see with Fred and Angel, they don’t even do that in the same manner.

If you trust the owner, trust the dog. And if the dog doesn’t have an owner, hope and pray they find one that will love, respect and nurture.

Who knows, maybe there is a pit bull out there that would be perfect for you!

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The Perfect Family

The Perfect Family

As you may or may not know Angel is our first foster.  I did not know what to expect when we got approved to be a foster family. I had an idea in my head how things would play out.  As in most cases I was totally wrong.  To be honest I thought Angel would be adopted by now.   You see, when we brought Angel home I reached out into the foster community to get some advice on how to handle a second dog, what to expect etc.  The first month or so when I looked at Angel I saw a dog that I could not get too attached to.  In my mind she would be in a furever home by the end of the summer.  For those who do not know me I have a huge soft spots for pit bulls.  I am brought to tears on a daily basis when I think about the unlucky dogs who will never know what it is like to be loved.  I would snuggle with Angel on the floor, couch, or in bed but I always had this wall up to not get attached.

As the first month ticked by I chalked the lack of interest up the fact it was summer time.  I assumed not too many people would want to expand their family with vacations coming up.  As summer started to wind down the interest in Angel started to pick up.  The first couple of people who expressed interest got us really excited.  We thought for sure Angel would be going to a new home in the near future.  I dropped off the application at the shelter and was on cloud 9.  Our hard work and patience was finally paying off.   As soon as I walked in the door it hit me.  The routine of walking inside our house is Fred usually napping on the couch and Angel trotting over to the door with a toy in her mouth.  Angel walking over to me with her favorite toy and looking up at me with her puppy dog eyes and her tail wagging might become a thing of the past.  At this exact moment I had a panic attack, the thought of her going to another home devastated me.  That weekend I got next to no sleep.  I would lie on Angel’s doggie bed and just snuggle with her.  I told her that her new family would love her just as much as we did.  Meanwhile I am thinking to myself, no one can love this dog as much as we do.  After that weekend I realized I viewed Angel as “our” dog.  The questions started flying in my head.  “How do people foster dogs?” and “How in the world am I going to watch Angel walk away with a new family?”

By the time Sunday rolled around I was secretly hoping that the prospective new owners would change their mind.  For reasons I cannot explain they must have read my mind.  Later that night I got an email from them stating they were going a different direction.  I was so relieved.  Jen and I started tossing around the idea of adopting her again.  As much as I wanted to cave in I could not stop thinking about all the other “Angels” in shelters, hoping that fate is on their side and they get to experience freedom again.  I was explaining my feelings to one of my foster/volunteer friends.  She told me that the people who backed out were obviously not “The Perfect Family.” I just laughed at her and told her there will be no perfect family.

Since that couple backed out there has been about a dozen other people interested in her.  Some have not even passed my original phone screen.  Others were decent candidates but I was always able to find something wrong with them.  However, today that all changed!  I took Angel to meet a potential new family.  They brought along their dog Hank.  Hank is a 16 month old male American Pit Bull Terrier.  As I brought Angel over to meet the couple something felt different.  Maybe it was the reaction on their faces when they saw Angel hanging out the window as I pulled up.Maybe the sun was burning my flesh since we have had a week straight of rain.  After an hour talking to this couple and chatting about similar obstacles we have overcome, they became smitten over Angel.  They took an application and told me that they were going to fill it out but were going to pretend to think it over.  With other people this is when the panic would normally sink in.  However, this time it was different.  I was excited.  I handed them the application and we said our goodbyes.  I walked Angel over to the car.  As I opened the back door for her to climb in she paused before jumping in.  She looked up at me with her brown eyes and nodded.  I bent down and pet her on the head and told her that I agreed, they seem to be “The Perfect Family.”

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Fred, a.k.a. “The Earthquake”

Fred doesn’t do anything in a small way. He pulled one of his classic moves today.

First he gave me a look.

Then he snuggled up next to me on the couch. He then proceeded to fall into me.  When I say into me, I mean he just comes crashing down as if from the sky. He just tilted over and knocked the wind out of me.

You should try it sometime. He’ll proceed to smother you completely while attempting to remain as comfortable as possible.

You know that 5.9’er the East Coast had last week? Yeah, that was Fred plopping down for a nap.

But hey, could you say no to this face?

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Say Hello to Our Foster Dog, Angel!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the weekend of Memorial Day. Alex and I were getting ready to go to my friend’s wedding and I was looking forward to a “date.” We were still figuring out his tie when the Humane Society called.

They were calling about the brindle pit bull we had put our names on as a “last resort.” We were told if we wanted the dog, we needed to come get her. We arranged to pick her up on Sunday and set up her vet appointment right away. She had such a sad story.

When she was just 10 months old, whoever owned her at the time bred her. This alone is somewhat of an abusive act since a year and a half is the standard age. After only a week she was separated from her puppies and dumped at the shelter. Three weeks after that, her puppies joined her there. They were sick, which often happens when young pups are taken from their mother’s milk too soon. They all had to be euthanized.

But sometimes sad stories pave the way for happy ones. We wanted to bring another dog into our home and felt it would be good for Fred. Sometimes he seemed to be lonely.

Finally settled in the car, racing to the wedding, we breathed and talked about the decision we had made. I was trapped between my excitement and my dread that we would be late to the wedding. I am never late for weddings.

But we were getting another pit bull! We had been preparing for weeks but discussed the final details. Where would she sleep? Would she like the toys that Fred was bored with? How would she get along with Fred?

Ooo boy, Fred. He was quite accustomed to being Dog Numero Uno and I worried how he would react. He seems to enjoy having a buddy and has mellowed quite a bit. He has even gotten better in the car and is now a total pro after watching his sis stick her head out the window.

Insert Angel picture-rearview mirror

Fast forward a few months and Angel has come a long way. In the beginning, she wouldn’t let Alex leave the room and was clearly uncomfortable with me. She now follows me everywhere I go and has enough love for both of us. Fred is her best friend and she likes to let him win in tug-of-war, just so his feelings don’t get hurt.

The best is when they cuddle. We have managed to get a few pictures but they don’t love photo shoots. We have to either bribe them or surprise them. But if I could capture every face they make, believe me, there would be a slide show. I probably wouldn’t need to write anything!

Having two pit bulls has been an amazing experience. Our goal in fostering Angel is to find her forever home, whether that is meant to be our home or another wonderful family’s. The thought of giving her up brings tears to my eyes, but it’s not about me. It’s about the dogs. I keep imagining an awesome family with a fenced-in yard. She will make someone very happy one day. And in the meantime, we’ll enjoy having “the kids” together.

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